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17623104_mlSocial Media Skills for Students, as the name suggests, was set up primarily as a resource for students. However, we also want to encourage lecturers to think about how they can support their students’ development of social media skills as part of their preparation for the graduate job market. With this in mind, we feel that this section on how to teach social media skills in a university context is a crucial part of our project, and we encourage you to contribute your own teaching ideas, experiences, and thoughts on the topic in the form of guest posts, so please don’t forget to get in touch with your stories via contact@socia-media-skills.org.

The resources available in this section originate from a course I developed as part of LJMU English’s work-related learning and work experience modules, which are integrated into our undergraduate programmes. Titled “Express Yourself: Presentation & Social Medial Skills”, students are introduced to a variety of social media platforms – in particular Twitter and WordPress – and are assessed, for the most part, on the blogs they create, how they disseminate their blog’s content, and on a reflective piece on the choices they have made for the blogs (from content to layout and design).

The resources I have available here are constantly evolving ideas for workshops as well as the latest version of the module handbook. Please feel free to adapt these presentations, exercises, assessments, and assessment criteria to your needs, be it as part of a “normal” module or to start your own dedicated social media or work-related learning module. Where possible, please attribute the original source and this website.

Equally, please email us if you have ideas on teaching social media skills which you would like to share. As with Social Media Skills for Students as a whole, our aim for this section of the website is to collate experiences and stories which can help lecturers develop their own social media skills as well as ensure that their students possess the best possible chance to showcase to prospective employers what they have learned during their degree.


Nadine Muller

Nadine Muller

Lecturer in English Literature & Cultural History at Liverpool John Moores University.

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