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Liverpool FC logoAs a lifelong supporter of Liverpool Football Club, I noticed a difference with the way in which both the men’s side and the women’s side of the club were supported and portrayed via the medium of social networking. While the men have hundreds of accounts providing news on and fan insights into the goings on at the club, the women had only official pages, and few of them.

In March 2013, coinciding with the launch of the new Women’s Super League season I launched my blog ‘Liverpool Ladies Fans’ alongside a Twitter account in which I would promote my articles. Despite being aware of the huge Liverpool fan base across the world, in the 18 months since I have been overwhelmed by the response.

My Twitter account (@LFCLadiesFans) garnered over 100 followers in its first week, today standing at 2,500+, while a Facebook page I took control of has grown to 2,200 likes. My blog, which now features over 100 articles, is about to hit 30,000 views. I have interacted with followers from all over the world, from Russia to Sweden, Denmark to America and even received a five-page letter from a German supporter who follows Liverpool Ladies through my blog!

10801150_mlThrough maintaining and working on my social media presence in promoting my blog, I have been offered many opportunities to gain further writing experience. The long-running Liverpool FC supporter’s website “This Is Anfield” approached me to provide them with monthly articles on Liverpool Ladies; Through This Is Anfield I had the opportunity to be official press at the opening league game of the season.

My blog was also featured in the official Liverpool Football Club magazine and has appeared in a number of the Ladies match day programmes, along with a season preview piece I wrote for the official website. Along with official Liverpool outlets, I have been interviewed for and featured on the World Women’s Football podcast, SheKicks magazine, Daily Star newspaper and another Liverpool supporter’s website “Empire of the Kop”.

All of the above experience has helped me greatly to improve my writing skills; through my blog I am aware of writing for two different audiences – those who follow women’s football closely and supporters of Liverpool FC who may not be as aware of the women’s game. With writing for This Is Anfield, I was presented with a writing guide for the website and this is something I have applied to all my articles and writing since.

25792434_mlAfter graduating from Liverpool John Moores University I will be pursuing a career in sports journalism. The time I have spent working on my social media presence I believe will give me a good foundation following the completion of my degree. I have met with a number of people who currently work in the industry, and their advice has been invaluable and offers of work experience greatly appreciated.

Women’s football is a growing sport in England, with media coverage of the game increasing year on year yet there is still massive room for improvement. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on my blog and hope that I can continue to promote the women’s game to the wider Liverpool Football Club fan base to the best of my abilities, while also showing my skills, experience, and knowledge to the world of sports journalism.

Heather Carroll

Heather Carroll

I am a second year English, Media & Cultural Studies student. I run my own blog, 'Liverpool Ladies Fans', and also write for Liverpool FC supporters website 'This Is Anfield'.

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