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Similar to most people who have attempted blogging, I started a number of blogs before I committed to one. After thoroughly thinking over the reason for this, I found that one of them is that, you need to understand why you are blogging and whom you are blogging for. Blogs ultimately work better when they can be identified with a niche audience. Particularly on social media platform Facebook, people distinguish themselves through what they ‘LIKE’ to build a sense of individuality while identifying with those who have the same likes.

As a result of this, I began a music blog called Load11ng, which at first was based on written content from album reviews to quirky articles on current artists. This did generate some traffic, however I still felt that I could not tell how much this appealed to my target audience of young music geeks and university students. Then I noticed the dominant group of Facebook users (18-35) do not use Facebook to ‘read’ or think, it is a place to be social without too much thinking and processing of information.

This is why videos go viral on Facebook. They are more easily accessible and understandable. So I saved up, bought a camera and looked for fresh talent to film and post on my blog. This instantly generated more traffic, proving that running a blog on platforms such as Facebook requires a mixture of written, and visual content.

Due to numerous obligations, I have not been as active on the blogging side of things, which led to a decline in audience interaction. However, I have resurrected my blogging days with articles using music artists to highlight issues such as masculinity, race, relationships etc. The writing style I have adopted conforms to the colloquial style seen on posts like ’10 things you realize when you watch James Bond’. These articles are snappy, humorous and do not exceed 400 words usually, which confirms what I have deduced about the ‘relaxed, non-intellectual’ nature that appeals to young Facebook users.

In terms of future developments for this blog, I am currently working on re-establishing its image and content so that it can appeal to the hipster/alternative music lover. I also plan to use the advantage of working in an independent vintage clothes store which attracts the exact target audience I want to appeal to, so I am immersing myself in their lifestyle and hope to create the aesthetic on my blog that reflects them.

Lentsoe Ambrose Phetoe

Lentsoe Ambrose Phetoe

I am recent graduate from Liverpool John Moores University with a 2:1 degree in English, Media and Cultural Studies. I am currently building my writing portfolio and volunteer as a writer for FACT Liverpool and online platform Rainbow Bazooka. In terms of work, I am working part time for independent store Resurrection while writing/recording music and recently got into modelling.

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