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29578476_lHave you created your own blog? Are you a HTML and CSS whizz? Does your website have a huge readership or a small, loyal audience? Have you ever landed yourself a job through a social media website? Are you an employer who googles your job applicants before interviews? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Social Media Skills for Students team would love to hear from you!

While our resource revolves mainly around informing students how to establish, maintain and manage their online social media skills, we are also extremely eager for others to become involved in the project and share with us their individual experiences with social media, be it to act as inspiration for others or to stimulate discussion around best practice and personal experiences in the social media world. If you have experience in creating a blog, moving blogging platforms, networking extensively via Twitter, using Facebook to promote your business, or simply learning how to use Google+, we would love to publish a short post by you that talks about your experiences and the lessons you learned on your social media journey.

23161233_sThere are two ways you can be featured on Social Media Skills for Students: you can write a short piece on your experiences which will then be published as a post in our Social Media Stories category; or you can simply send us the links to your social media profiles with a sentence or two about yourself, and we will collate your and other examples of good social media use in our forthcoming Connect & Inspire section, intended to showcase creative and best practice as well as connecting students and employers.

If you believe your blog, social media account, or personal experiences could contribute to the resource, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our email account or the Social Media Skills for Students Twitter account @soc_med_skills. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. 31/08/2015

    […] This post originally appeared on Social Media Skills for Students, a comprehensive website that hosts how-to guides for and reviews of the most popular forms of social media. It also provides firsthand experiences, opinions, and advice from students and staff who use social media in teaching, learning, research, and other professional capacities, as well as showcasing inspiring content created by students and lecturers. To find out how to write for them, click here. […]

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